Swimming Kids

A Swim School for Babies and Toddlers (4 Months- 9 Years), Heated & Indoor Saltwater Pool with International Water Quality Standards,Certified Curriculum by Ministry of Education & Australia’s Leading Swim Institutions.

Swimming is the only sport that children can do from birth. It helps develop their muscle, as compared to the same age mate; children who have learned to swim will begin crawling, standing on their feet, and sitting faster and more stable than those who haven’t.

During the swimming class, as a parent, you can also spend quality time with your children by swimming along, singing and playing together in the water.So, join us today to have fun with your children (4 months) at Swimming Kids Thailand, the only swimming school in Thailand that has been certified by Ministry of Education.

‘A Parent is a Child’s First Teacher’ Course Children from 3 months to 9 years will be taught using the same course, which Swimming Kids and Five Star Swim Schools,Australia’s swimming school, cooperatively develop for Thai teaching and learning system. All of the courses are connected with each other and were divided for two groups of age.


Courses for toddler: 4 Months – Before 3 Years

Courses for young children:  3 – 9 Years

In the pool, toddlers need to be supervised by their parents because they are not fully developed and cannot take care of or stay in the water by themselves. Parents have to pass on our coach’s teaching to their children.  In other words, the coach teaches parents, and then the parents will guide their kids.

For above three years olds children, their brain system and physical development are sufficient to learn directly from the coach, without parents’ supervision. “

This is why the Ministry of Education chose Swimming Kids as a representative project to encourage Thai children across the country to participate in activities outside of the classroom through broadcasting  a video on ETV (Education Television) called, “children classroom:  a swimming guide”. A video provide a basic movement for toddler, freestyle stroke, butterfly stroke and step by step guide in helping a drowning victim.

Website : swimmingkidsthailand.com

Monday to Friday 8.00 – 19.00 and Sat-Sun 08.00 – 18.00

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