Why KidPlearn? (Kid+Play+Learn)

We do believe that if infants and young children are given gentle continuous developmental stimulation, they will excellently gain physical growth, Motor development, intelligence and social development.

KidPlearn brings together leading institutions to develop necessary basic skills for your children which benefit them for a life time.  With brain, skills or social development through activities that fit their age range, these children will become successful adults in the future.

Our institutions aim to encourage the development of children by teaching and learning activities that are appropriate for different age groups, which help children feel successful, valuable and feel good about themselves.

We place great emphasis on teaching and allowing your children to think & learn outside the box. We give all the children freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas creatively,   not to restrict them in the same principles or limitations.  These will lead them to new ideas and solutions, as in our symbol, which is located outside the beautiful frame.

About us

The KIDPLEARN Projects, Chonburi, will be ready to start by early January, 2019. With the area of ​​1.2 acre, we provide educational and developmental stimulation services for young children from 4 months to 12 years.  There are over 60 indoor parking spaces and children’s facilities. Also, Kidplearn Playground Cafe offers food, appetizers and a children’s playground that is in harmony with our concept “learning through play”. See you in 2019.

Join us Swimmingkid e-mail: mng.swimmingkidschn@gmail.com , CLM school e-mail: kidplearnacademy@gmail.com

Perfect Art e-mail: kidplearnacademy@gmail.com , Brainschool e-mail : chnbrainschool@gmail.com